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Your Passion, Our Expertise

Your Passion, Our Expertise

medical case

Medical Case Management (Field Case & Telephonic)

Medical case management is defined as the process of assessing, planning, coordinating, monitoring and evaluation of the services required to respond to an individual’s health care needs to attain the goals of quality and cost-effective care.


Medical case management in the optimum sense is a balance in terms of both quality assurance and medical cost control. The case manager advocates on behalf of the individual to assure quality of care and attainment of appropriate goals, as well as promotes self-advocacy skills to achieve maximum independence.


Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Our vocational department conducts labor market surveys, earning power assessments, facilitates job searches, job placement, and provides transferable skills analyses. Through state-of-the-art vocational tools, our Vocational Case Management experts develop action-oriented plans for our customers.

disability managemen

Disability Management

Disability Management typically refers to a field of practice that has focused on how employers manage disability overall within the workplace, including issues such as preventing disability, returning to work after a disability event, providing reasonable accommodations within the work site, and cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses of the management services. Certified disability management specialists are prepared to deal with various work-related disability issues.


Independent Medical Examination (IME) Coordination & Attendance

An IME is an evaluation of an injured party that utilizes a third party, independent medical professional to issue an unbiased opinion on the injury. Unlike a regular or family physician, these doctors are simply consultants and are contracted to supply an objective medical evaluation for a specific case. Scheduling of an IME is secured, medical records are obtained as well as films and are then forwarded to the physician for review before the IME appointment. The nurse case manager’s attendance of the IME is also secured with the physician and the injured worker.


Catastrophic Case Management

Catastrophic case management is a complex endeavor, complicated by injury severity, expedited treatment, and the fear accompanying critical injuries.

home health care
Patient and Nurse

Home Health Care

Home health care is a nursing specialty in which nurses provide multidimensional home care to patients of all ages, illnesses and injuries. Home health care is a cost efficient way to deliver quality care in the convenience of the client's home. Home health nurses create care plans to achieve goals based on the client's diagnosis to ensure a quick and goal-based positive outcome.

Man on Walker

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Durable medical equipment is any medical equipment used in the home to aid in a better quality of living. It is a benefit included in many insurance policies and in some cases covered by Medicare benefits.

Service Van

Translation & Transportation

Our Transport + Language solutions provide injured workers with transportation to medical appointments, and once there, translation services of procedures and protocol so that they understand the healthcare they are receiving and the next steps they need to take to ensure recovery.

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